Twelve Years Love Story

This is the story of Edward and Jenny. They belonged to same city and most important thing that they were the class fellows. They were students of medical science and at the age of twenty six on the verge of completing a decade’s training as a neurosurgeon. Edward was extraordinary and remarkable on the other hand Jenny was so innocent .

But the story is so complicated to discuss in detail because I don’t know the conversation between them they had done, as I came to know the relationship was beyond limitations. They had done all romantic and natural activities. The love was so serious. Edward was sincere with Jenny. Jenny was somehow good but I don’t think that Jenny was serious because she did not struggle to got him as he was so serious for her.

Love is not the thing to be abandoned in this way, love is so beautiful and natural one can’t give up whenever he or she fall in such feelings, love is like flowing water that always flow and make ocean, love is like flowers that its fragrance can not be fade away.

I don’t much know about the story but I came to know a bit that tears were flowing down on Edward’s face when he was told that his beloved got married with an other man. Verge of sorrows appeared in the Edward’s life . It was the best of time for him because he came to know how to be an enlightened how to be a pure human, and it was the worst of time because he did not know how to handle the spiritual level which was concerned within his soul.

I don’t know why in our society people are doing such things, falling in love and humiliating eachother. This is the humiliation to deceive someone and play with the feelings . I know this is very difficult to over come , because love is concerns with our soul not with our flesh.

What is love?

It is not easy to define love exactly, those people who can define it easily they feel it spiritually, it happens to anyone,it goes on in every vain present in the body.

The question is, what is “love”?

I think,it means respect, care, and give your soul to the beloved. Love is not concerned with sex, sex is a natural need. But, love is different from sexual attractions. Love is like the flow of water. Does love exist? I’m talking about the love which existed at the time of Lal Latif the love of “Suhni and Mehar “

I don’t think so, love exists now a days, love is a pure and natural thing, do I believe in it? Did I fall in love.? These are the very difficult questions for me to answer, mostly Sufi believes it. I’m not Sufi,nor a writer I’m just a simple human being. Rumi said, love happens to every human beings no one is free from it. Is he right? May be, but, why it happens ? Feelings of love are same to everyone or different?

I don’t know the feeling of love.

Parental Authority

 In our society, there are many conflicts between children and parents, we usually  don’t talk about this issue, that why it happens here ? I think it is a very big issue, we should discuss over it. Even western children are very happy, they are not tight with the authority of their parents, they are free doing everything, they are very confident, they have not much fear of parents . But here we children are ‘Property’ of our parents, they tackle us like we are their possession. We are lack of  confident, we have been scared, this is all because of our parents order. Today’s parents make their children more frightened.

Here, we are given the concept of ‘obey to order’ if we don’t obey to their order, we ‘ll be given severe punishment. In this way, I realized that children loss their intellectual power. They grow up with fear, every time they are given orders, do this,do that , this is good , this is bad,  even though here parents decide for their children that what should they study, which subject is suitable for them, which university is suitable for them, they think that they are doing well but it is all dangerous for children. In this way children loss their decision power.

 Can we say that parents are our enemy? if they are not then why the word ‘order’ is here, why they don’t understand that what their children want? In our society, parents snatched every power from their children, they don’t discuss political, social, economical issues of the country with their children, they don’t discuss ups and downs of life, they don’t discuss future plans, they only order, they don’t talk with their children friendly, talking friendly is a big crime for them here.

In our society parents don’t believe their children, they don’t encourage them, they don’t praise them, whenever they do some thing good in their life. This thing irritates me every time, I want friendly relationship between them. They both have much understanding between them.


A letter to God

Dear God!

I am writing this letter to you, I don’t know where to submit this letter, because I don’t know your exact address, I even don’t know where are you living now? But everyone around me is saying that you are everywhere, and you are doing everything, whatever I am writing to you,you will read, I don’t believe anymore that you will read this letter. If you read this letter please at least answer me of few questions. God there are many questions to ask you I want to know something about reality, I know everyone will reject the idea of writing this letter, I also know that everyone will laugh at me, and  on my writing, I know that I am not expert in writing or giving my ideas. But I think that writing something real is not bad.  When I think deeply my heart start beating continuously and my tears start flowing down.

Dear God,



welcome to my world

Everyone has his or her own world and I am saying to everyone that welcome to my world. My world is very simple. As everyone has a story, I have also many stories. I think it is very difficult to tell true and real stories, because everyone knows that truth is bitter.  I even know that no one has courage to elucidate himself or herself in front of the world.Can anyone tell me a little about your childhood briefly? This is the question I have asked so many people it is not that I need to hear all the details but I want to get general pattern of where they are coming from?

I am saying to everyone to welcome to my world, because I want to tell the truth, I want to tell the real things. It is very difficult to write something about reality, but I have made my mind to write something more important. I know that I am not good at writing, but I believe my self that I will write something good.

I am saying to everyone to welcome to my world, because I want to tell you about scared people , there are many people in the world  who can not even talk about their rights, because they are fearful, they have fear of family, fear of society, fear of religion, fear of God, if what we will tell our issues to each other, if what  we will shade our precious tears by listening each other’s sorrows.if what we will encourage each I want everyone to welcome to my world.